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The Mission

Develop, Promote and Support Indian Stone Industry


Centre for Development Of Stones (CDOS) was set up by the Government of Rajasthan and Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. (RIICO) in the year 1998 at Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. CDOS has been conceived as a Centre of Excellence with broad objectives to develop, promote, and support the dimensional stone sector and related industries in India.

CDOS serves a catalyst towards synergetic relationship between individuals and institutions working in diverse stone-related areas and to maximize their total effectiveness. The Centre provides a comprehensive range of activities, facilities and act as a reference point for all stakeholders in the stone sector, comprising quarry owners, manufacturers of tools and machinery, processors, traders, service providers, architects and end-users.


Trade Information Centre

  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of statistics/ information on the stone sector.
  • Promoting brand equity of Indian dimensional stones.
  • Aggressive e-promotion of Indian stones.


  • Imparting training to enterpreneurs, operators, artisans, supervisors and engineers in stone sector.

  • Promotion of latest technology

  • Technology seminars and workshops

Trade Promotion Centre

  • Trade & export consultancy services
  • Trade promotion campaigns and meetings
  • Trade promotion events
  • ‘India Stonemart’ international exhibition

  • ‘Global Stone Technology Forum’ international stone conference
  • Buyer-Seller meets
  • All India Stone Architectural Awards
  • Seminars & Conferences – national and international
  • Country pavilions in international and national stone fairs along with members of trade.

Natural Stone Park

  • To display stone & stone products in a natural setting

  • To act as an added attraction for people visiting the Display Centre

Stone Display Centre

  • To exhibit all major stones and value-added products at one place

  • To act as a reference point for architects and builders in India

R & D Centre cum Testing Facility

  • Testing of stones as per international standards ( ASTM, EN, BIS )
  • Chemical testing facilities


Registered Society

CDOS is a Society registered under Rajasthan Societies Registration Act 1958. It was set up by Government of Rajasthan and Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment corporation Ltd. (RIICO) with active participation of trade & industry.

Executive committee

The affairs of the Centre are monitored by the Executive Committee consisting of representatives of the trade and government. Chairman of the Executive Committee is Managing Director, RIICO.

Governing Board

The day-to-day activities of CDOS are supervised by the Chief Executive Officer of CDOS under overall guidance and authority of the Governing Board. The Governing Board consists of elected members from trade & industry besides technical experts and representatives of Government of India, Government of Rajasthan, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), RIICO and international agencies.

Present Governing Board

Membership from Trade

CDOS has three categories of members viz. founder donor members, donor members & life members, depending upon the subscription for membership. Any person, firm, company, institution, association or any other body registered in India or abroad engaged directly or indirectly in stone industry is eligible to become its member. Presently the Centre has more than 620 members representing stone industry from all over India.


CDOS has emerged as a reference point for the stone industry in India and is regularly being approached by national and international organisations as representative of the Indian Stone Industry for information and co-operation. CDOS was designated as the common facility centre to undertake a series of activities for promotion of stone industry under the National Programme for Development of Stone Industry in India ( NPDSI ), a project of UNIDO and Ministry of SSI, Government of India.
CDOS at present carrying out a number of activities encompassing issues related to trade information, trade promotion, training of manpower, promotion of artifacts, upgradation of technology, testing of stones etc. Details of the important activities and achievements of CDOS are given below.

India Stonemart ( ISM )

India Stonemart is the largest international exposition on the stone industry which showcases the world of natural dimensional stones, ancillary products, and services comprehensively. The event would bring together various stakeholders of the stone industry viz domestic and overseas producers, exporters/importers, consumers and buyers, experts, technology providers, architects, builders, developers, corporates, etc. under one umbrella.

India Stonemart 2024 would provide an ideal platform to the exhibitors to promote their products, services, and brand image amongst the consumers from across the globe and establish business linkages and networking with them for enhancing their business horizon and prospects. The event is organized by CDOS with FICCI as co-organizer and is supported by the Government of Rajasthan and other reputed institutions. Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation Ltd. is the Principal Sponsor.

India Stonemart has created a niche for itself in the international stone exposition scenario and the participants are offered the best of the quality infrastructure, facilities, and services. With the ever-increasing number of exhibitors and a record number of business visitors, India Stonemart is an ideal springboard to negotiate business deals, network with the stalwarts of the industry, and to simply do the business.

Global Stone Technology Forum ( GSTF )

CDOS Organises a biennial International Conference on Stone Technology namely GSTF. It is the only stand-alone conference on stone technology in the country.
The two day forum, provides a platform to internationally renowned experts in the stone industry to deliberate with trade and industry on the best global practices and technologies for dimensional stone quarrying, processing and finishing, marble waste disposal and utilization, testing standardization and quality certification, use of stone in installation/ cladding in modern buildings etc.

All India Stone Architectural Awards

CDOS instituted the All India Stone Architectural Awards ( AISAA ) in 2009 to recognize and honour architects for usage of Indian dimensional stones in their projects. It is a biannual competition held in Jaipur and is awarded to outstanding projects the concepts and of which correspond to an idea of “Creativity and Excellence” in the use of natural stones from India.

The Awards are in four categories namely Exterior Facings, Interior Designs, Landscaping and Green Architecture. The Awards include a shield, citation and cash award of Rs. 1,00,000/- in each category.

Stone Park & Display Centre

A stone park and stone display centre have been set up in CDOS complex to tell the story of stones by illustrating:

  • Varieties of stones
  • Usage of stone
  • Art in stones
  • Stone technologies

Tha Park has been developed with landscaping and display of exquisite artifacts and stone blocks of Marble and Sandstone. There are over 450 samples of stone displayed.

Stone Technology and Trade information Centre

The Stone Technology and Trade Information Centre collects, analyses and disseminates information about the stone industry. Its activities include –

  • Collection and dissemination of information
  • Compiling database of the stone sector in India and abroad
  • Preparing Country profiles of selected countries
  • Maintaining a library
  • Updating Statistics of the stone industry
  • Compiling information relating to international standards like ASTM, British, European & Indian standards on various dimensional stones.

Stone Research Chair

CDOS with the support of RIICO has established a Stone Research Chair at Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur for research in different areas of the Stone sector.

Training Programmes and Seminars

Organizing extensive training programmes, seminars and workshops on regular basis at various places in Rajasthan and other parts of the country in stone sector.

Standards for Stones

CDOS in collaboration with Bureau of Indian standards has been evolving new standards and updating existing standards for stones.

Stones of Rajasthan Pavilion

Setting up “Stones of Rajasthan” pavilion in national and international stone industry exhibitions on a regular basis to promote the stone wealth of Rajasthan.

International Exposure to CDOS Members

Organizing country pavilions and CDOS pavilion in international stone fairs with the support of UNIDO/MSME etc. and providing exhibit space free of cost/ at concessional rates to Indian companies for increasing their exposure to international markets as well as trade practices, technologies and to establish trade linkages with international players.

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