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Architects community is one of the important stakeholders of the Stone industry as they recommend the uses of stones in different projects. With a view to updating knowledge and awareness of architects about the availability of different varieties of stones, their finishes, applications, stonecraft items, etc. and to establish their connectivity and direct linkages with the industry, CDOS organizes group visits of architects to different stone clusters on regular intervals.

List of Architects visit Programme organized by CDOS in earlier years:

Year 2020-21

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1July  2020Kota- Ramganj Mandi28 July, 202020
2Sept. 2020Udaipur stone cluster23 Sept., 202016
3Oct. 2020Stone craft items28 Oct., 202016
4Feb. 2021Jaipur Stone Cluster18 Feb., 202122

Year 2019-20

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1July  2019Makrana-Kishangarh11-12 July, 201918
2Sept. 2019Rajsamand-Udaipur05-06 Sept., 201913
3Dec. 2019Udaipur21 Dec., 20199
4Feb., 2020Jodhpur18-19, Feb., 202022

Year 2018-19

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1April 2018Jodhpur05-06 April, 201818
2August 2018Jaipur-Sikandara02-03 August, 201815
3March 2019Abu Road-Pindwara14-15 March, 201920

Year 2017-18

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1May 2017Udaipur-Rajsamand29-30th May, 201715
2Oct. 2017Abu Road- Jalore12-13 October, 201715
3Jan. 2018Chittorgarh- Udaipur10-11 January, 201809

Year 2016-17

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1July 2016Jodhpur28-29th July, 201626
2October 2016Kota-Ramganj Mandi17-18th October, 201613
3March 2017Kishangarh-Makrana16-17th March, 201715

Year 2015-16

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1May 2015Udaipur-Rajsamand26-27 May, 201516
2Sep. 2015Makrana-Kishangarh03-04 September, 201522
3Dec. 2015Udaipur18-19 December, 201509
4Feb. 2016Sikandra- Jaipur26-27 February, 201618

Year 2014-15

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1May, 2014Udaipur-Chittorgarh22-23th May, 201419
2July, 2014Jodhpur29-30th July, 201412

Year 2013-14

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1May, 2013Jaipur-Sikandra23-25th May, 201311
2July, 2013Jalore-Abu Road28-30th July, 201308
3August, 2013Kishangarh-Makrana23-24th August, 201315
4Oct., 2013Udaipur-Rajsamand24-26th Oct., 201316

Year 2012-13

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1June, 2012Udaipur-Rajsamand15-16th June, 201223
2August, 2012Jodhpur23-24th August, 201228

Year 2011-12

S.N.MonthPlaceDateNo. of Architects
1March,2012Udaipur-Rajsamand2-3rd March, 201219

List of Architects who participated in Architect visit program

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