Malaviya National Institute of Technology(MNIT), Jaipur


To encourage research in the stone sector, Center for Development of Stones (CDOS) established a Stone Research Chair at MNIT Jaipur. Professor Ravindra Nagar is presently looking after the activities of the chair as coordinator.

The possible research areas identified were :-

  1. Mine Productivity and safety
  2. Physical, Mechanical and Thermo characterization of stone properties for promoting usage of stones as a sustainable green building material specially for various structural applications.
  3. Study of Morphology of various stones with a view to develop appropriate cost effective and suitable tool and machine development for mining and processing of different varieties of stones.
  4. Stone conservation and restoration.
  5. Standardization of Indian natural stones for structural applications.
  6. Gainful utilization of stone waste generated during mining and processing
  7. Reclamation of exploited lands /mines by way of promoting urbanization ,developing fisheries, artificial reservoirs and reestablishment of drainage system etc,


Presently seven research projects (PhD), and four research projects (M.Tech) are underway. The list of research projects is given in the table . The chair actively engages with the stone industry and academic institutions, research centers globally. Research is carried out at Malaviya National Institute of Technology that has state of art Material Research Center, Centre for Tribology, Machine center and Concrete and Road material testing laboratories.

Facilities in these centers include Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope, Mass spectrometer, X-Ray Diffractometer, TGA, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, Field Emission Gun SEM, Hot mounting press, Wear Simulators, Machine Centers, Carbonation chamber, chloride diffusion, Fluorescence Spectrometer, Fourier Transform infrared spectrometer, DIN permeability, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity testers, Environmental Chamber, Universal Testing Machines etc,

Research Projects in Progress

S. No.Title of Project Faculty SupervisorsResearch Scholars
1Durability Studies of Concrete Containing Granite Cutting Waste as Partial Replacement of SandProf. Ravindra NagarSarabjeet Singh
2Sustainable reuse of Kota Stone Waste in Concrete.Dr. Pawan KallaAditya Rana
3Design, Development and Performance assessment of dental wear applicationDr. Amar Patnaik
Prof. I. K. Bhat
Shiv Ranjan Kumar
4Design and Fabrication of Marble Dust filled Metal alloy Composites for Single Row Deep Groove Ball BearingDr. Amar Patnaik
Prof. I. K. Bhat
Swati Gangwar
5Design and development of multilayered surface coating on marble dust filled metal matrix composites for turbine blade application.Dr. Amar Patnaik
Prof. I. K. Bhat
Vikas Gautam
6Wear and Fracture Characteristics of Stone Dust Filled Polymer Composite for Wind Turbine Blade ApplicationDr. Amar Patnaik
Prof. Ravindra Nagar
Pawar Manoj Janaradan
7Study of Morphology and Physical, Mechanical & Thermal Properties of Various Stones with a view to Optimise their Cutting & Machining Parameter’sDr. H. S. Mali
Prof. Ravindra Nagar
Bhargav Prajwal Pathri


Future research shall include, development of machine tools and cutting technologies, energy conservation in stone mining and processing industries, utilization of stone mining and cutting wastes in concrete, flexible pavements, tiles, bricks, hollow blocks, paver blocks and other building products with a long term view of making stone Industry a zero-waste industry.

Year 2011-12

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